Hi, I'm Gully. Founder of GullyGainz and diehard Gymrat.

Weight Lifting. Calisthenics. Boxing. I've done it all.

Combining my own 5+ years of experience, actual personal training and nutrition expertise, I am able to deliver you powerful aesthetics that will have everyone's head turning

No matter your fitness goals, working with me will allow you to learn years of lessons learned from hundreds of mistakes I made, so you're able to fast track your progress to unlock next level gainz from day one.

It all comes down to how much it means to you...

Gym is only step one to unlocking your beast self, once you conquer your body, you can conquer everything else you desire in Life. It all starts with saying YES to a new you. 

If there's only one decision you make today, make it this one

Say YES to a stronger, happier and fitter you today. 

A bit about me

  • 190KG Deadlift (u mirin' bruh?) 
  • Greek God aesthetics (5+ years lifting/ calisthenics/HIIT experience)
  • Boxing (3 years) 
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor Diploma (PremierGlobalNASM)
  • Level 3 Personal Training Diploma (PremierGlobalNASM)
  • Favourite Whey Protein flavour: Unflavoured 
  • Gym pet peeve: Out of shape personal trainers


What I can do for you

  • 1-to-1 personalised coaching plan to meet your exact training needs 
  • Customised fat loss and weight gain meal suggestions
  • Complete macronutrient breakdown to meet your exact nutritional+ dietary requirements
  • Online training plans with proven results 
  • Scale not budging? Customised battle plans to break through weight loss and Gym plateaus 
  • Building the beast mindset coaching