Candace, Texas, United States

"I started off watching your TikToks, which really helped me with my body transformation. I was new to coaching but Gully pushed me to make sure I hit the Gym and stuck to my diet. Check out my weight loss album!”

Igor Vasilyev, Moscow, Russia

“Hi Gully, my name is Igor Vasilyev and I’m currently 19 years old. First of all, I want to
thank you for all the great and helpful information that I learnt from you and your TikToks.
Most fitness instructors, and nutritionists I have talked at the past made me keep wasting my time and money, but you man,
you are completely different.
I learned almost all my eating and workout plans/ tips from you. Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge with me and
others. Till 9 months ago I was 105kg, now I’m currently 70kg. My waist reduced from 143cm to 86cm.
No other words needed, photos describe my situation. I got leaner and also added a lot of muscle. (sorry for wrong sentences man, my English is not that great.)"

Brandon, Manchester, United Kingdom

“Results don’t just come overnight, and
supplements can only do so much. But training
with Gully taught me so much about my body
that I didn’t know!
The training and nutrition plan were difficult to
stick to when I first started out, but Gully kept
me accountable and I’m amazed by the results.
For real results and motivation, quit doing the
same workouts and try something new!
Different results take a different level of training.
I did and I’m seeing satisfying results already. Cheers mate!”